Robert Hirsch

Brian Ulrich's Copia: A Tale of American Plenty
Photo Technique, July/August 2013

Brian Taylor and the Photographic Narrative
Photo Technique, May/June 2013

Photo Technique, November/December 2012

Photo Technique, January/February 2013
Photo Technique, September/October 2012

Photo Technique, July/August 2012

"Daniel Beltrá: Photography and the Environment" Interview by Robert Hirsch Photo Technique, January/February 2012

“Tom Persinger: The Genesis of F295”
Photo Ed, Spring, 2009, 11

"Carl Chiarenza: Internal Landscapes,"
Photo Review, V. 28, No. 4, 2009, pages 2 – 6.
Nathon Lyons “Nathan Lyons Speaks”
CEPA Journal, Spring/Summer, 1993, 6 - 9.
Adobe PDF

“Nathan Lyons on the Snapshot”
CEPA Journal, Winter, 1992-1993, 6 - 9.
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Nathon Lyons
Christopher Bucklow 25,000 Pinholes:
Christopher Bucklow Talks about his "Guest" series

Interview by Robert Hirsch

William Christenberry The Muse of Place & Time:
An Interview With William Christenberry
Interview by Robert Hirsch
Bill Owens interview Steve Kurtz
Milton Rogovin The essential Rogovin: An in-depth conversation
By Robert Hirsch

Resurrection of the Photobook
Rob Hirsch talks to Martin Parr about how photography books influence how we make and understand photographs

Douglas Dreishpoon

Maker of Photographs: Jerry Uelsmann
Interview by Robert Hirsch

Jerry Uelsmann